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Friday, May 16, 2008

Spending Weekend at the beach

Good morning everybody, here I am again! hope you have a wonderful morning today, it looks like we will going to have a good weekend, everybody was getting paid so they can go shopping and do what they wanted to do. I am sure everybody will enjoy the weather, if you are here in California, the sky is bright and sun is out today, not that hot and not windy at all. Hopefully it will be the same tomorrow. Family and I is planning to go to the beach tomorrow, spend two nights there, without my knowledge my dear beloved husband reserved a cottage close to be beach for us to stay while we are there. I was kinda surprised but this is a good break for me, I can unwind and have fun with my kids. I asked him why he did it without my consent and he told me because he was gone for two months and he don't have a gift for me last mother's day because he was at work. So he wants us to go to the beach and spend quiet time with him and my two children. I am kind a hesitant to go because I don't want to let the opportunity just pass by... hehehehe... greedy joy! but I don't have a valid reason because he told me to bring the laptop. hahahaha...

Well... just have fun friends. Jesus loves you so do I.


Anonymous said...

Ahihihihi..okies ra na manai oi, hala cge pag-ayo2x nlang mo..Have fun jud kay 2 mths ra ba diay nawala tong imong hubby..hhhaha..

shimumsy said...

beach is the perfect place to hangout during summer. i'm always jealous with california weather.