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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Marriage Counseling

Hi Everyone! I was cleaning up at my living room last Wednesday, when my kids was making a mess on my folder from my cabinet, guessed what I found! Me and my husband had a marriage counseling before we said "I DO". Just love to share this with you and makes me proud as his wife and a mother to his children, our pastor handed out a questionnaire to us before the session end. Here's the some questioned that my husband answered:

List Down The Following:

A.) Why do you think you love your husband/wife to be? this is my husband's answer, which makes my heart pounding.
A1) She Loves the Lord
A2) God is her first priority
A3) She has a big heart
A4) Is caring
A5) Generous
A6) Has a servant's heart
A7) Wants to please her future husband
A8) Is good with children
A9) Smart
A10) enjoys doing the same things I do

B.) Why do you think your husband/wife to be loves you?
B1) Obeying God is my first priority
B2) I seek the Lord in everything
B3) I am kind
B4) Caring
B5) Mature
B6) Financially stable
B7) Will be a good leader
B8) Good with kids
B9) Will be a good father
B10) Funny

hmmm... don't ask where is my answer because I did not answer one of those... hahahahahaha...

Good Night all... and Once again Happy mother's day to all the mothers.


Bluetoz said...

It's so sweet, wish I can find nice partner like yours

Joy said...

thanks... in God's perfect timing...YES it is really true he is so sweet and all of his promised he never fail yet.

Anonymous said...

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Joy said...

sure, just let me know if you added me, i just visited one of your link but there is no message board, so i cannot leave message for you, hoping that you will visit my link again and.. pls make it sure that all your links is correct coz, i did tried to open them but it wont open. thanks..