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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We have long known that"Physical Touch" is an emotional communicator to children. Research has shown that babies who are handled often develop better emotionally that babies who are not. Naturally, many parents and other adults pick up the baby, hold it, cuddle it, kiss it, squeeze it and whisper words softly to their ears. Long before the child understands the meaning of the word LOVE, she or he feels loved. Hugging, kissing, patting, holding hands are all ways of communicating love to a child. I believe that most parents sincerely love their children. I also strongly believe that thousands of parents out there have failed to communicate with their children. It is never too late to express love, I have two children and because they are only toddlers, and I am taking responsibilities while their daddy is gone, discipling them is not easy. It breaks my heart when I spanked them, heard their cry. I make it sure that they understand why I have to do it and I am doing it in a godly way. After that, when they calmed down I am comforting them, giving them a big hug, kiss, cuddle them and telling them how much I care and love them, that is why I am doing that and these for their own sake. I'll always make it sure that they understands what I said.

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