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Monday, April 21, 2008

Bringing up Boys

The greatest thrill of my life has been
the privilege of bringing our two
children into the world and raising them
day by day. It is really hard for me to
understand those who are hostile to
motherhood and think it is just a waste
of a woman's time. What could be more
rewarding than being someone's mom?

Since Seth was gone for his training, I
left by myself taking care of my boys
when it come to discipline, being a mom
it is really difficult to spanked my two
boys, especially if I heard crying, but
I remembered my father in law
counseling us on how to raised our
boys in a godly way, I considered the
verse on proverbs 22:6. I am thankful
that God is always there for me every
time that my children pushed the limit.
I am always seeking God's grace and give
more patience, I always told my self
"take a deep breath Joy" you will going
to have more wrinkles and body fats...
bello is too expensive you cannot
afford... hehehehe... God bless every one.

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