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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day Today

Hello all! How's everybody out there? What a beautiful Thursday afternoon, first day of May huh! Wow time is so fast just seating here in front of my computer trying to figured out my link ha.ha.ha.ha... I didn't noticed it's almost 3:00 O'clock in the afternoon. It is just three (3) of us here (Me & my two little boys) this week. Sun is out, sky is clear, and it is not warm outside today although is a little bit chilly. What a perfect day to go to the park across the street and few blocks away from our home with the kids, I'll be very busy over the week because honey pie went out for his FMSS training (Military thing). He will be back on Friday evening but not quite sure yet. The kids are behaving good since they got up from bed. Asking for food nicely and they are playing together in their room. Then I heard Johnathan Aaron (Youngest) crying, so I went and check, found out that the baby bear that grandpa gave to him was soaked with apple juice, so I asked the big brother who did it and he immediately said "ME" mama, so the big brother got punished! After awhile, Joseph say sorry to his brother and their playing again, kids don't know how to get mad on each other especially if they are siblings and playmate. It is really a big relieved to a mother when her children knows their mistakes and recognize their faults. Am I right mom out there? Well, it is time to prepare food for dinner.... See you later... keep on blogging friends....

May you have a Blessed day through out the week!

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