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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unexpected Call from Husband!

Wow! I was really surprised when I received a call from my husband last night around 8:00PM (Arkansas Time). We had a good chat last night through emailing back and forth. He told me to wait for a couple of minutes because he will make a cup of tea for him. Before he left to his deployment, I bought a box of English tea bags and a cattle for his tea. He love tea so much simply because he is half-British! So, I emailed him back saying "OK, I will wait for you before I will put the boys to bed". Then suddenly, my cellphone rang, I was hesitant to answer the call because the number appeared was California number but it kept on ringing so I answered it and as soon as he said "HI" I was speechless at all. I don't believe that it was him especially the number is California number. I asked him why the number appeared to my cellphone is California number and I have a lot of questions about his exact location. But because he is somewhere at the pacific ocean, I have the feeling that he is using the ship's telephone. He didn't tell me their exact location for their safety but to hear his voice was enough for me. It truly meant so much to me and the boys. He was able talked to my kids before going to bed and the kids were very much happy about hearing him too.

I really do believe that no matter where you are and what you are doing, if you truly love the person, you will find a way to make him/her happy, and that's what he did! It was unexpected call from husband on Valentine's day. I am so blessed to have him. He is the man! I thanked God for giving me a wonderful husband, a good father to my children and most of all he love the Lord above all.

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