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Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Husband is my New Chatmate!

Yes, my husband is my new chat mate now! Every time that he have time to go to the internet cafe where ever they are, he will find an internet cafe just to chat with us and see the kids. We've learned from our mistake as I posted from my other blog using our cell phone to call each other. That time he was in Guam and using international roaming is very expensive. Now, we both realize that we will just chat if ever he has a chance to go to the internet cafe or call us using calling card. No more none-sense discussion "telebabad", we will only discuss important things. This morning, I was cleaning the house and I didn't know that he is online so when I sit back in front of the computer again I saw his message and after a couple of minutes he called me to let me know that he is vacant and if we can chat. Of course, Yes! Who will say No to him right. I miss him so bad and so as the kids. I was so happy to see my kids that they would able to watch him on the webcam. I am happy too. I will attached here his email informing me that he got back to the ship safe.

Hon just want you to know that I made it back to the ship, I am very tired…… I was very happy that I got to see you and the boys, they looked so happy to see me…. Anyway, I want you to know that I love you and miss you very much. Big kiss.

I am glad that he has a liberty off tomorrow so we will have more time to chat. I will wait for him tonight because of our timing differences. I have to sacrifices my timing to chat with him. Anyway this is not all the time. It will happen only if they are off duty and have liberty off.

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