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Friday, February 27, 2009

My First Driving Experienced!

This morning, I was very busy taking take of everything, since I have my driving license already so I told my kids that after their breakfast we have to go the Laundry Mat to do our laundry. They are so excited that they can go out in the house. I told them that if we will finish early before it will get really cold, I will bring them to the park but I failed them. I didn't promise to them that I will bring them to the park but if we will finish early with the laundry and some important things to do then maybe I can stop by at the park. We finished late and after our lunch we have to go to the store to buy some necessarily things we need. My eldest son was complaining to me and all he want is going to the park. I explained to them that we cannot go to the park right now because it's windy and getting cold, I don't want them to get sick. We came home and put all the stuff away and fix my bed then rest for awhile. While watching TV together with the kids, we saw the bird flying inside the house and I asked my little one where it come from and he said "from the fireplace" Yes from the fireplace because the door of the fireplace opened and maybe the bird fell down inside. Kids are enjoying the bird; they keep on chasing the bird maybe more than an hour then finally the bird get so tired. I took the bird outside and let him go.

So anyway, my morning was really busy and I never feel bored at all. My first driving experienced by myself without my in-laws are awesome. I know we are in good hands. God is taking control the steering wheel and He put his hand over us all the time.

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