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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Missing Him So Bad!

It's been more than two months now since my husband is not here with us. I miss him so bad, earlier I can't help myself but cry and the only reason of crying is "Missing Him so BAD"! It's not easy being away from your husband in a foreign land, isn't it? I thought I would be OK especially I am close to my in-laws and have my kids to keep me busy and occupied but I am wrong, there is one piece that missing and that is my husband. I feel sad every time I called Philippines and my kids want to talk to my family and always they thought that I am talking to their daddy, they always says "Hi Daddy". Being a military spouse is not easy especially if your husband will get deployed that's the worst part of being in the military. But I am proud of my husband because he protects and defends his country, fight for their freedom and keep the fellow Americans safe. He is dedicated to serve his country.

I think two days now that our communication is not constant; he said to his last email that they maybe encounter some internet connection so he cannot email me often which I understand. He called me last night after he received my emails about my cousin's death. I heard his voice for a couple of minutes and that made me so happy. Oh well, I am so blessed to have him and I don't have any regret that he is the love of my life too because he is such a wonderful husband, a father to my children and most of all he love the Lord.


~~Devita~~ said...


iceah said...

owww...wish I could just hug you right now :c I know the feeling dear keep praying and keep trusting our lord for his safety...hugs for you c: