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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have a Beautiful Day!

As I stated on my other blog that yesterday was a bad day for me. But I know God has a reason for everything why all these things happened. I was grieving yesterday for my cousin's death and same time I feel sorry for my best friend's who lost their house with fire. What a tragic! It is tough for me to say that I am OK after I found out of what happened to my cousin. This cousin of mine is very close to me, from the time he was born he is always with me when I was in the Philippines so it is really hard that he is gone forever. If I will going home one of this years, I know I wont be able to see his beautiful smile but his memory will still remain in my heart. I was just happy and Thankful to God that my cousin is finally rested eternally rather than he will keep on suffering his asthma. I don't really know what is the real cause of his death but since the doctor diagnosed him with Asthma so probably that is the main caused.

Anyway, how are you today guys? Hope all is well! I got up feeling better and not that tired anymore compared to the few days. I was not able to sleep good for some reason and last night I feel asleep so good. We don't have much for today especially the weather is not good. It is gloomy outside and cold. I was planning to bring the kids to the park today if it's warm but I think it won't going to happen. I am just glad that I have my driving license now, I can go to the store or to the park by myself without my in-laws. I mean I love to have them with me but sometimes they are very busy as well so I feel shy to keep on asking favor from them at least now I can do my own errands because I got my driving license already. Praise God! Have a beautiful day everyone...

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