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Monday, January 19, 2009

My Only Hope!

As I've said to my other blog, I was so busy today and I don't even have time to sit down and relax for awhile. I think, this is part of being a stay at home mother, you know. Kids keep you busy especially if they are still toddlers. I was trying to keep the house clean but after a few minutes my kids are starting to make a mess again with their toys everywhere. I am trying not to get mad at them every time that they will just leave their toys all over the place, I tried to understand that because it is cold outside, they cannot play outside so I think they feel bored just being trapped inside the house. After dinner, I told my eldest son to pick up all his toys and put them back to the bucket but he is trying to ignore me. He was not listening to what I said instead he went to his room and pulled the comforter and the blanket so I was really mad. I almost yelled at him, when I was so mad, I feel like someone is whispering me, trying to let me calm down, because I don't want to spank him, I just bend my knees, all I remembered was "Lord, please help me to let my children understand and give me more patients for them. Good because I don;t have a hard time putting them to sleep.

My only hope is God, no one else. I know, He is always there for me and he hear my cry. I'm very thankful that God is controlling my life over everything. I am proud to know You, Jesus. You are the only hope for everyone.


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