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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want to Serve My Country!

Last night, my younger brother texted me about the good news for him and for my other younger half-brother. Hmm.. sounds very interesting! So, I called him and found out that they are both hired to be a policeman in our town. They will start their training maybe early next month. Wow! It's really a good news! It's been awhile that my two criminology graduate brothers don't have a permanent job and we are keep on praying about it. Finally, 2009 is a good start for them!

I remember when I was in Bahrain, I let my brother visited us for 3 times and we in fact find a job that fit for him but he rejected it because he wants to work in the Philippines as a police. He always tells us about "I want to serve my country" so we respect his decision. He was waiting for 8 years after he graduated in college but still no luck to get hired to be a policeman but he never have regrets and lost his hope. Finally, their wish come true. He told me, he is very excited and happy about the good news, I told myself at last his dream comes true and our father's dream too. If our father still alive, I am sure he will celebrate this good news not only one son you will become a police but two. Thank you, God for hearing our petition and giving this big opportunity for my 2 younger siblings.

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