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Monday, December 29, 2008

What a long Day for my husband

My husband left our house around 9:00AM today going to to the Little Rock Airport, from our place to the airport it takes 3 hours to get there and he needs to be at the terminal one hour before the flight and his flight was 1:20PM going to Dallas. From Dallas he has to wait for 4 hours at least before his next flight going to Phoenix and wait for another one hour before his final flight to California. I just got his text message saying that he is already in Phoenix waiting for his flight. I feel bad for him, I'm sure he is very tired and hungry but it's not long before he will be in California. I was kind of mad when I found out his flight details but he don't have a choice at all because he needs to be back at work by tomorrow December 30, 2008 and there is no other flight that he can get besides this flight.

But anyways, I'm just glad that he has a good flight although it was a long day for him. Now, I have to wait until he get in to his aunt's house and can charge his cellphone so that he can call, lol!

God bless everyone and have a wonderful evening.

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