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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Having A Good Day!

Today is much more better that yesterday. I woke up this morning and feel alright compare to yesterday. My kids woke up early and looking for their daddy and I told them that their daddy is working and I think they don't quiet understand. I tried to keep busy and didn't realize it was noon already. I fed my boys and put them to sleep for a nap. I sat in front of the computer for an hour to do my dropping and take a rest while watching TFC (The Filipino Channel), I'm glad that I have TFC that makes me happy and I forgot for awhile that my husband is not here with us for 7 months. It's very tough sometimes without him especially for the kids.

I was supposed to take a nap while the kids was taking their nap but I cannot resist not to watch "WOWOWEE" hehehee.. so I decided to watch rather than taking a nap. I'm happy that I'm having a good day today, although boys are not behaving good but still I'm blessed and thankful that I have them.

1 comment:

veta said...

happy new year:-)