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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Foggy and Cold Afternoon!

WOW! I thought today would be a good day for us to practice driving but I guess its not because I was looking outside and it is foggy and very cold afternoon. I was thinking to get some picture of it but it looks like it doesn't show pretty good the foggy thing. My eldest son, asked me if it's smoke and if someone's house is burning because it was kind a think fog. I was laughing and explained to him and he replied "So, you mean after that fog is gone, there is a rainbow?" Funny huh! He is very smart to think this kind of stuff so I have to be careful to answer his questions especially if I am not really sure with my answer. I don't want to mislead with them.

Ah well, have to go now, have to fix dinner and cleaned up my room so that tomorrow morning I don't have much to do. I am trying to clean the bedroom before my brother in-law comes in, so I better keep going before it gets dark.

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