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Saturday, December 27, 2008

At Last I have Internet Connection..

Hello friends, how was your Christmas? Hope everything is good. We had a good Christmas and so blessed that my husband is here with us even for a short period of time only. We had a good Christmas, kids was enjoying opening their presents which is normal to all the kids. After that we celebrated our Christmas lunch at my in-laws house then after lunch we came home to our house and just watch movie.

It's been awhile that I was not able to be online ad visit my entrecard droppers because I don't have internet connection yet in my new house which it was really hard to get connected right away because of the holidays but they tried their best. At last I have internet now and I am glad that I am back to my blogging world. I miss talking to my online friends and visiting my entrecard droppers and reading their posts.

See you around and have a great weekend.

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