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Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Of December 2008

Can you believe it? 24 days more to go before Christmas! Wow, I'm looking forward on that day that my husband's family and our family will be together to celebrate the Christmas. I am thankful every single moment of my life that I have a loving family. Since I broke my promise to my family back home that I will be there at Christmas and New Year but still I am blessed because of I have a family here in Arkansas to celebrate with. I know most of my friends and siblings are very disappointed of my decision not to going home due to financial reason and I am definitely sure they will understand me later on. I told them that my sister will back up our tickets going home but my husband is right that I have to wait until he could buy our tickets not from my sister (pride chicken, you know!). I love my family so much but my immediate family is the most important in this world, so I will listened of what my husband say. I am still hoping that we can go home next year, but instead of staying 6 months there probably we will stay until three months only. At least to lessen the expenses as well.

I am pretty sure most Filipinos knows about going home need some more extra cash in your pocket other wise nobody will say hi to you, lol! Oh well, not all only few but people think that you are living in America "YOU ARE RICH", Am I right, folks?

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