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Monday, November 17, 2008

What is Viral Marketing


What is Viral Marketing? That is the question I had when I first heard the term. The phrase alone does not make it sound very good since we as computer operators do not like virus's on our computers. So I decided to research it a little bit to see what it was and How to Viral Market. After pulling up some definitions, the term relates to a method of marketing that uses the Internet and encourages reader to pass on a message or advertisement to others with the assumption that people will share interesting and entertaining content. Simply put, maybe a joke in an email with a small blurb after it advertising some service or product. Now I did not realize it, but did you know that Hotmail was one of the very first means of viral marketing on the Internet! Pretty impressive right? It just goes to show how successful it can be. Now, maybe you have been trying feverishly to try and get the word out about your own service or product. Why not try and give the technique a shot. But how! Well, the folks at Sherpastore and Yovia have joined forces to give you the online Webinar Training "How to Viral Market". This Webinar will take the experience gained from a panel of experts that have done it before successfully. It will teach you how to plan, budget and promote viral campaign's as well as provide to you a toolkit to get you up and running quickly. Don't let this opportunity pass you by and give you the edge that's needed to survive on the Internet.


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