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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Wish is Granted - Sears Layaway is BACK!

There are not too many more days to go before the season of giving will be here. You know what I mean, Christmas is the time for giving and sharing. Last month, I was browsing online for gift ideas for my children, parents in-law and for my husband. I could not decide right away because I do not have cash to buy the Christmas gifts anyway. I was having trouble getting extra cash for my gifts since my income has not been the greatest the last few months. I was browsing online and I stumbled on to the site and found out that they brought back their layaway program. What a good idea, yeah! This is what I needed, Sears Layaway. It gave me the opportunity to purchase the items I want since my budget does not include the total cost for the gifts. With the Sears layaway program, we all have the ability to buy the items we want for our loved ones. I am planning on getting toys and clothes for my children because they need them, and for my in-laws I'm going to get sweaters for her and him. For my husband I will stick to the craftsman tools because I know this is what he wants.

I am glad that Sears Layaway is back, at least this will be a wish come true for me. I cannot get all the items that I want at one time like most of you, but at least with layaway, I can pay a little up front and every week there after. I can put all the items that I want on hold until I fully pay for them and pick them up just in time for the Holiday's. Folks, don't worry if you cannot buy it right away, you still have time to put it on layaway before the big day is upon us. Sears layaway is the answer to your problem.



Dwacon® said...

Hmm... shouldn't it say

"Let everything that has breath..."


Virginia Janet said...

Sears fulfills customers' wishes and offers popular layaway program.