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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day today here in Horesebend, Arkansas! The sun is so bright although it's kind a cold but it's not really cold. I went outside and the weather is perfect to go out again with my family. It's not windy at all. I think I have to bring my kids at the Lake today to feed the fish, it's been a couple of week, we didn't go to the lake and feed the fish because it was kind of chilly and I cannot stand the cold at all. My kids like the cold weather but not me! That's one thing, I like Arkansas, the weather is not that bad not the same as other state that everyday they will see tons of snow outside their window which is cool also because I haven't experience a lot of snow before.

My kids told me that they want to play in the snow but unfortunately there is no snow yet here in Arkansas. Hopefully, we will experience once at least I can let my children play in the snow.

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