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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Journey

As a military dependent, our journey is not really easy as it is. We are moving from one state to another or even overseas. It's very difficult to be away from your husband or wife who is serving our Country. My family and I are experiencing difficult times especially my children needs a father and a man in the house. They are always asking about their father , sometimes I don't know what to answer. I am glad and grateful that my husband decided to sent us here in his parents so that my in laws can take care of us. I've learned a lot from my father in law who taught me on how to discipline my children and he is helping me a lot for that. I am taking advantage of my father in law's teaching when it comes to disciplining my children, but of course he always tell me not to discipline my children with anger. I am learning and wants to learn more on how to raise my children in a godly way. Most of all teaching them how to love the Lord above all.

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