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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Knew it!!! I Knew It!

This morning we went to the Arkansas State Police to take the written exam for driving lesson. After the Police officer asked a few questions, he gave me the questionnaire with a separate answer sheet for my answers. There are 25 questions and it's only a multiple choice "Choose the best possible answer". I answered some of them correctly and some of the questions are very tricky! Because it is only 25 questions, I finished after a few minutes. So the police officer, check my answer sheet and guess what? I miss 8 questions. I knew it! I knew it because some of the signs was kind a confusing especially I am not driving yet, so no experience at all behind the wheel. Well, the passing score is 20 out of 25 and my score is only 17 so I miss 3 to make it. In other words "I FAILED". He hand it to me the questionnaire and my answer sheet, to make it sure I know what is my mistakes. He told me that my answer is correct but they are looking for the best possible answer , hahahaha... Oh boy, I know it! So I will take another written exam on Monday, we will see if I'm going to make it.

I was very disappointed of my score but I am not alone who failed and my score is better than them!


John said...

Just thought I'd say Hi.

I linked here from Heidi's Health Nut Wannabe Mom. Liked the title of your blog!
Looking through past posts, I see that you are a Filipina married to a Navy guy.

My mother is also a Filipina married to an ex Navy guy. They have been married over 50 years!

Good luck with your driving test. I'm sure that you'll do fine.

Stop by and visit if you want--


Jerla Oh lalala said...

hahhaha na fail ka manai? na cgi lng take test gihapon try and try until u succeed