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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting Cold Tonight!

Tonight will be getting cold, my father in law said it will be 40 degrees tonight so after he came home from work he set up the heater so that it will keep warm the entire house. I don't like getting cold especially during night time because I couldn't sleep all night especially my husband is not here, huh! Actually, I am setting here in front of my computer at the family room, my hands and feet are getting cold. I have to put my sweatpants on and a sweatshirt. I am sure after a couple of minutes I will be fine. I have to finish dropping my EC before going to bed, so that tomorrow morning I have much time to study my driving lesson for my second written exam which will be held on Monday 20th. Hopefully, I will pass and I know I will...

Wow! winter is just around the corner ha! I cannot wait to see the leaves start falling...

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