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Monday, October 20, 2008

65 Days more to Go!

Have you noticed 65 days more to go before Christmas? Yes 65 days more to go! I am counting the days before Christmas because I am excited of going home to see my family back home and hopefully we will be there before Christmas. Oh well, it depends if my husband will come here in Arkansas before then if not we have to wait for him before he is going for his deployment. My family is important but my husband is comes first and I am sure my family back home will understand if we will not be there for Christmas. I cannot wait to open the balik-bayan boxes that I sent ahead of us because I miss giving present during Christmas gifts to my family by myself. I always giving them present but have to send it through shipping. This time I will be the one to hand it to them and see their reaction, lol! I don't have much to give but I am sure they will enjoy and love them.

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