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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Very Special Love

This morning while I was hopping and dropping for my daily routine, I found a website that I can watch the full version of "A Very Special Love" a love story movie staring Ms. Sarah Geronimo and John Lyod Cruz. I cannot keep on going to continue hopping and dropping without watching it. I was waiting this movie for how many weeks now but still I cannot buy the DVD, so it was my big chance to watch it. Oh, let me tell you, I was like a teenager who fall in love so deep hahahaha.. even my two kids was watching, of course they memorize some of Micky's line and Laida's line. My Kids favorite line was.. "What are you doing? Sandang Sir". my youngest son said, it's funny hahaha... So I was so happy, I don;t have the chance to get a tasks hehehe.. I told myself this is more tasks hahaha.. So I watched it.

Thanks to Miss Jerla for sharing it with us.

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