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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Sunday is Very Relaxing!

As you know that my husband is back in our arms again. I mean he finally came home last Saturday day evening from he long week training at the mountain inside Camp Pendleton. They supposed to be there until 19th of September but I don't really know what make their C.O. change his mind. He went to work this morning but he came home at noon because he said they are already done for today. Kids and I were glad to see him back and rested in our own house, I let him take a nap and my eldest son woke him up because he wants to go play at the park. I suggested to my husband to go look for something at the mall because it's been awhile now that I haven't window shop at the mall. We didn't go to church today because my husband was not here and I don't know how to drive so we just stay at home and watched TV. Our Sunday is very relaxing and glad that my husband is back.

We pass by at the telecommunication company and look for and iPhone, I was kind of fascinated with the iPhone and it's functions so I told him to buy one for me. He told me that he will buy it as soon as we have extra cash this end of the month. I am so excited and happy to have it, although I don't know really how it works! I am sure I will get use to it, LOL!

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