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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Sunday is SAD

Today is Sunday, we are supposed to go to the church as a family but today we aren't. We are just staying at home all day long, my kids was kind of bored and they are getting sick as well. They have both runny nose and slight cough. They are keep on asking about their daddy and waiting for his call. We tried to call my husband but I guess there is no signal or connection at where they are right now. Too bad! I put my kids to bed early after I gave them a cough medicine. I feel so sad/bad because they want to talk to their daddy but we cannot contact him. Hopefully tomorrow there is a signal at where he is so that kids can hear his voice. It's really difficult to see your children asking and looking for their father, right. It melt my heart every time they are looking for their dad, how much more if their daddy will be going to deployment? This is really hard for me as a mother watching my children looking for their father. I know God will take care of us. I will just give everything to Him and let Him be the driver of our lives.

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