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Friday, September 12, 2008

One Week More To Go!

It's been a week now since my husband was gone for their training at Camp Pendleton. One week more to go and he will be back, we are so excited and looking forward to see him again. I am counting the days passed by. We have 10 days to be together before we will heading to his parents house, so I want that we will spend quality time while his with us. I know it would be hard for both of us being separated but I know that God is always there to comfort us all the time.

Last night, my kids was keep on waking up and looking for their daddy especially my Johnathan (youngest), I prayed over him and he fall to sleep again. Hopefully we will overcome all our trials when he is gone, although my heart is not ready yet to accept that he will be gone for 7 months but we cannot do anything about it. This is what he choose (military) so I will support him with all my heart.

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