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Monday, September 8, 2008

A Mom Put Her Baby In a Microwave Oven?

I was browsing on the internet today and I was kind of shocked when I read a sad story about a mom gets life in prison for microwaving baby. She is going to jail without a chance of parole for killing her baby daughter in a microwave oven. I cannot believe that a mom can do it to her child. I would say that she is not really in a mental condition, I guess she need psychiatrist. We all know that our kids sometimes push our buttons to the limit and sometime we are out of control but I think we cannot kill our children if we are still have fear. I know how it feels being so mad and upset with my two children. Sometimes I will cry for nothing just to let it go or going to the bathroom and scream. Most of the time, I will get help to my husband if I have too. This is a very sad news, hopefully this is a big lesson to all the parents out there. Being a mother is really a difficult task and make it sure before going to have kids that you are mentally and physically ready to take every pain that your child can give.

1 comment:

Babette said...

I read about this and was appaled! I don't know how this thing can happen. :(