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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a Quick Update

As I mentioned in my earlier posts that we are trying to put all our belongings into a storage for a couple of months while my husband is not around, and we have few more days to go before we will turn over the unit that we rented here in Oceanside, California. We will stay at my husband's aunt for four days before we will fly going to my in laws in Arkansas for more than two months. Right now, I am so busy trying to pack our stuff and hopefully before Saturday this packing stuff will be done. What a life! We are truly NPA (No Permanent Address) hahahaha..

Being in the military is a great privileged to visit some countries other than United States and Philippines. This is really a real adventure for my family. Kids are sometimes asking about where we going and I know they will not understand right now but in a right time, if they are old enough they will understand and I am sure that they will love it.

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