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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Can See YOU!

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I went to LensCrafters to see what kind of eyeglasses they have. I was browsing around and I found a couple of choices but we went their very late, 30 minutes before their closing time. So the sales lady told me that if I want they can hold the frames that I choose for 3 days. I told her that I will come back today to get what I want, actually I had choose the Oakley but when I went there today, the salesman told me that the lenses for Oakley will take ten days to arrived because it has to be done by special order, I cannot wait that long. So, I decided to get another pair of frames and I choose the Versace, Lol! Well it's not that expensive though, it's only $239.00 dollars for the frames then the lenses was $180.00 dollars for a single vision. Good thing because they have on sale going on for the lenses half price at least it cost more cheaper that I expected. Now I am so happy that I have my pair of Versace eyeglasses, this is a souvenir from my blogging income. I am so happy that I can see you more, huh!


Anna Glendenning said...

Cute Glasses! I ordered my new ones today! But, have to wait for them due to the sctipt!

I just love the square frames but they don't look good on me :( The assistant at my eye-doctor was the most honest and helpful one I have ever had... I loved the fact she said YUCK at some of my choice!

Marky said...

Wooh.. nagdugo akong ilong sa kamahal... Hahahhaa

The Green Man In His Green World

Juliet said...

nindot sa imoha. mubo na imong buhok ngano paputol man ka?