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Monday, September 8, 2008

Got an Email from my Husband

Since yesterday my husband left for his 3 weeks training at Camp Pendleton. He told me that he will still have access to him through emails and cell phones. Today, we haven't heard from him. We tried to call for several times but there is no answer. I always go to bed late, so I tried to check my email and got an email from him.

This is what he wrote:


It's almost 11 o'clock and I am still up, I am finding it hard to go to sleep because I know you are still up and I couldn't call you (no signal tonight). I wanted to say goodnight to you and the boys. Its your voice and theirs that make me smile. I hope the boys were not too much for you today, I was praying thru out the whole day for all of you! Joy, I know that you are stressed and worried about my deployment. Please tell me what I can do to support you!! I love you very much and I don't like to see you unhappy or sad. I know I have not been around as much as a husband should be, I am trying..... I am thinking of you. Good night my love, sleep tight.

Your hubby.

After I read this email, I noticed that I have tears in my eyes. Yes, I was crying because I miss him already and how much more if he will deploy. My husband is very understanding and his main concern always is my happiness. I am so thankful that God brought him into my life.

1 comment:

Imelda said...

wow ul feel more in love with him girl. he loves u so much. im happy for u.