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Friday, September 12, 2008

Gloomy Friday!

It was a gloomy Friday here at Oceanside, California which I like it because it's not really warm outside, perfect for the kids to play outside. They were enjoying playing on the slide and riding their bikes. I was so busy this morning because I have a lot of things to do while they are enjoying their time outside my little patios. I didn't noticed it's lunch time already. I cooked easily and quick lunch for the kids and while feeding them I got a chance to sit in front of the computer and luckily, I got a tasks from triple P. What a busy day for me but I enjoy being a busy mom at least I will burn some extra calories, huh!

Speaking of burning calories, I am having trouble loosing weight lately but I am not hopeless to get in shape again, I think I have to commit my extra time to exercise more so that I will get in shape again. I would admit, it's kind of hard to go to the gym or just run for an hour. I feel lazy sometimes. I hope I have a motivation of keep on exercising everyday or even every other day.

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