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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fuel Woes

It has been nice to see the price of fuel come down over the past few weeks. We were really in a crunch financially because of the high cost of gas, even though my husband drives a minivan, he was still spending close to 400.00 dollars every month to get back and forth from work. I try to understand how the price of fuel works, all the in's and out's of commodities and the market but why does if have to get so high, especially here in California. It is almost a dollar higher here than where my In-laws live in Arkansas, how can that be?? It gets frustrating when you have to work to by gas so you can go to work to buy more gas, its a vicious cycle...... I'm glad, I'm not working outside my house, my source of income doesn't need gas, huh! That is blogging.

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