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Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Again???

Wow...I didn't noticed it's Friday again.. Time is so fast! Last night I spoke to my brother in law in Manila, he told me how busy he is and of course asking for a financial support while he is processing his papers to go back to the ship. He is a seaman and he supposed not to go back to the ship because of his age but he don't have a choice, he still have a college student and they don't have a source of income so he is force to go back to the ship. He told me that if I can assist his needs while he is in Manila processing his papers and waiting for the ship. He wants me to support him for his financial needs. For me, it's not a big deal, so I told him I will send some money. I can really feel how happy he is, when he heard my YES, lol! I don't know I cannot say NO to my family if they are asking for my help. Good I have a source of income that if they need money I can send right away. Thank you for all the advertisers. Blogging is my source of money to help my family's financial needs. Blogging is really a big help to me.

I wish him all the luck and may the Lord bless him.

1 comment:

ipanks said...

yup time is moving fast with or without we understand.