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Friday, September 19, 2008

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Wow, I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner. 97 days more to go and it's Christmas time. I would love to have a decoration in my house but because I am leaving soon, I cannot do it. As a Filipina, we usually have a Christmas decoration early as September, hmm I am sure most Filipinos out there will agree with me. I've been to many countries and I had observed the way the celebrate Christmas but nothing I can compare to the Filipino one! First, most Filipinos are celebrating Christmas with family and friends, exchanging gifts and always have Pork Lechon in the table. One night of celebration is not enough! I miss spending Christmas with my family and friends back home. It's been more than 8 years now I didn't spend my Christmas in the Philippines. How I wish I can go home that easy as I could possibly think but it's very difficult to go home now especially I have kids, the tickets are too expensive, it's really ouch to the pocket.

Philippines is known for a very poor country but Filipinos are rich in love. I am always proud to be a FILIPINO. The values of being a family is always there no matter how far from each other, they don't forget to text and say Hi and Hello. Family is always comes first.


Patwela said...

hehe correct ka dyan! hi ako pala si Lowela Mcmillen i used to live in Davao City and recently living now here in California, haha kakatuwa yong story mo, sa totoo lang meron na akong mga xmas decor dito gusto ko nanga mag decorate eh!excited ako kasi first time ko celebrate xmas dito sa States.any way add kita sa blog ko,hope you will add me too,salamat God bless!

~~Devita~~ said...

that is really exciting to have a celebrations together with the people we love.

have a great day!

Catherine said...

I love Christmas! But this year is a bit different because I might give birth my first baby during that time!!! I feel wonderful!