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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy Tuesday

Today I was kind of busy, cleaning the house and putting things together before we put in to the storage. I didn't notice it's already lunch time, my boys are asking food, huh! While I was busy in the kitchen fixing our lunch, I heard our door opened, I thought my eldest son was playing with the keys. I went and checked I saw my husband standing there! Well he came home for an hour just to take a quick shower and eat lunch with us and left back to the training camp right away. I was kind of surprise because he told me that he will be back on the 19th of September. His Chief let him come home for awhile so he has a chance to take a quick shower. The kids were so happy to see him but he cannot stay long, he needs to go back. Oh boy, at least kids got to see him, thats the most important.

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