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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bought My Sunglasses for Less!

Yesterday instead of going Ontario, Southern California to witness "One Kapamilya Go!" my husband told me that he needs to go to San Diego to buy his uniform. I don't have any choice, but to go with him. As we reach San Diego, we went to the Navy Exchange to buy his uniform. He was busy fitting the uniforms in the shop while I am busy looking for sunglasses - as my favorite section to go. After an hour browsing and trying some sunglasses there, I doubted whether if I will buy one or not. Back in my head, I really want it aside from being nice it is also fitted to my face. My husband told me that it look good to me. Plus there is no tax when you buy at the NEX store for military and DOD dependents. Hmm.. I was flattered! What do you think? My husband is very supportive to me, in fact I told him lets go! I spend too much already for my own stuff but he insist to get it to match to the purse that I bought. So I have no choice again, to bring it to the counter, lol!

I don't know, it's been 3 months now that I didn't go out that much and spend dollars for shopping, but since I was kicked out from my favorite source of income, I am back to my hobby now which is shopping, but I'm a wise shopper though. I will only go shopping if I have extra cash.

1 comment:

Darlyn said...

clear as cyrstal na tlga yan ate versace plus another sun glass..

hope u enjoy blogging right now with your fave P.

take care always.mwah