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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Birthday Girl

She is like one of my nieces, actually she is not related to me, she is the niece of my brother in law. I really like her, in fact every time I went to Manila, I find ways to see her. She is a nursing student and she told me if I can be there on her graduation next year but I didn't say YES to her yet because I want to surprise her.

Irene, today is your birthday, I wish you all the best and good health. I know you are smart so I will not give you more advice about boys... Just be true to yourself and always love the Lord first. Good luck and Hope to see you soon.


Joy0z said...

hot hot hot...

Joy0z said...

oh first comment is supposed to be for other blog..sorry Joy..but she is pretty hot anyway.

ipanks said...

owh she is really beautifull.did she have blog too?i want to know her :D