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Friday, September 5, 2008

Aiming to get in Shape Again!

I almost fall to sleep in front of the computer while writing a non paid post. Well, I just finished my lunch so I feel sleepy. I hate to say that I like to sleep while my tummy is full, huh! That's why it's very obvious hahahaha... I'm really struggling loosing weight, especially I don't have any control over my diet. It's hard to work out or I am just to lazy to find ways to get in shape again. Since I gave birth to my youngest son, I didn't put a lot of effort to get exercise... hmmm.. Acutally I am tempted to use a diet pills huh. Lately, I told my husband, when he gets back from deployment I will be getting in shape again. At least I can work out while I'm in the Philippines my family can watch my kids for me. This is my goal to lost a lot of weight by next year.

1 comment:

anne said...

we have the same problem on how to lose weight gurl.. I maybe going to the gym next weekwahhh