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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow! Busy, busy, busy!

Wow! I didn't noticed that it's midnight already. I was busy doing my tasks from various advertisers and I would admit I am enjoying what I am doing. Since I know how blogging works and you will earn extra green out of it. I really make sure that I am enjoying every minute of it. Yes, sometimes it is frustrating especially if you don't have any tasks but if you are just patience and willing to do everything to get a traffic, I think it's worthed. I've heard from most bloggers that if we are just making a lot of efforts we will gain more. They said " Sacrifice pays them all or No pain no gain" hahahaha.. would you agree with me?

Well, I have to go now, see you tomorrow morning and have a pleasant day to all the bloggers that are not part of the US and have a good night to all the blogger who live in the US territory. May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.


Laarnaay said...

I secretly like deadlines actually. hehehe. Keep on blogging! :D

nisha said...

Hi joy.. its really a pleasure to be on your blog.. i guess not being a us blogger does make paid posts a little difficult for us(me also).. yet its fun waiting for our turn.. hehe

I got an award for you at my blog. its not a tag.. its an award meant for special friends:)

Please take it and hope you like it:)