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Friday, August 8, 2008

What's Your Plan for the Weekend?

Wow it's first weekend of August and it's getting hotter and hotter here in California. I feel like I'm back in the middle east (Bahrain) or in Okinawa, Japan or in the Philippines. I thought United States is cooler when it is summer but I guess I am wrong. Now I've experience the warm weather here in California oh man, it's really hot. Well, maybe you will laugh at me, this is my first year here in California. I mean I've been here before but not summer hahahaha.. it was winter and not living for a long time, it was a vacation only..

By the way, what about you guys, do you have any plan for the weekend? I am sure some of us are planning to go to the beach and have a good relaxation, spending time with family and friends. Just enjoy your weekend and take care... Have fun!

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