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Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a Silly Excuse to Not have Lasik

First, when I heard about Lasik, I would admit that I was kind of scared. Eye surgery? Oh boy! Then my husband explained to me what exactly Lasik is and after his explanation, I was not convinced that much until I researched it. My excuse was no way I will have Lasik surgery... Not me.. Better to use eyeglasses than Lasik. Until we received good news that one of our friend just got his Lasik surgery and it was very successful. He told us it wasn't painful at all. Now, my husband is scheduled to have a Lasik surgery this month. He is so excited about this surgery. This is not painful and you can go home right away after the surgery. At LaserVue there is no down payment, no interest financing available and you can apply online so you know if you qualify even before you make an appointment. Payments are about $60 a month. This is cheaper compared to eyeglasses, contacts, solutions, so in the long run Lasik it is not bad at all. If you are in California visit Lasik in San Francisco for more information about their safe Lasik procedure and also you can request a FREE Lasik consultation . Start saving now.

1 comment:

InobonG ProPer said...

Hello there

I'm considering Lasik surgery too..but still asking around those who had the surgery..i'm sooo scared...

I might do fine day ;)