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Friday, August 8, 2008

Triple 8 is a Lucky Day?

Today is August 8, 2008. They said 8-8-8 is a lucky day. Really? Do you believe it is a lucky day? Wow! Some say Yes and some say not! Well, it's up to us to believe, I guess, Lol! Some say this is the good timing to get married, build a dream house or buy a luxury car. I remembered my father, when I was a teenager, he used to say that it is good to build a house if it's number 8, why because if you will write the number 8 it is going up not going down not like other numbers that are going down if you will write it..... The good luck also will get in to your house. Well for me it's a superstitious belief. A lot of hearsay before that I don't believe. I only have faith in our Lord Jesus.

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eNNy said...

Olympic Game started. let's enjoy it.