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Friday, August 8, 2008

Tired from the Beach

We just came back from the beach a couple of hours ago. It was really tiring because it's so hooootttt... I was kind of bored as well. I hate to admit that I am not a beach lover although I live close to the beach back home. I get easily burned and I don't like it especially if it's on my face... grrrrr... sunblock it doesn't work huh! The kids were having fun, when were on the way back home I thought they will fall asleep in the car but they didn't. In fact after dinner they went to the park a few blocks away from our place. But when they get back, they were very fussy and cranky. 100% they are so tired and exhausted, so I told my husband to clean them up and put them to bed. Not even 15 minutes they were sleeping already, so it's been a little quiet now.

1 comment:

Elliot said...

I get easily burnt too. T__T But I prefer beaches rather than pools.

Btw, I've got a tag for you:

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