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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Short Circuit

Once again, I got up late. I just heard my children playing in the bathroom already. When I looked at the alarm clock it was 8:00Am already. Well, I have a good reason why I was late this morning. First, I didn't get in bed last night early because my husband came home from his meeting around 12:00 midnight and then we were getting into the bed, my husband heard some weird noise, so he went and checked to see what it was and he told me that it was one of the outlets where our stove and refrigerator are plugged-in. So he went to bed and I told him that I will not be able to sleep until I know that everything is safe. We don't know maybe it will create a fire. So he got up and I got up to help him find a way to fix it but I was kind of scared this is not our house and I don't want to make damages inside the house. He went outside and turned off the circuit breaker for the line where the fridge and stove are plugged-in. I guess we went to bed around 3:00AM plus our youngest son was fussy for some reason also.

Hopefully this short circuit will get fixed soon as the extension wire that we are using is really a big problem for the kids. Our Landlord didn't call us back yet.

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