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Monday, August 25, 2008

Rice and Eggplant for Dinner

I was not really happy for what I've seen and read in the news, this is not really a good news to be interested about. Ok, one of my friend told me about you she read and she told me about this story she just read. I was so curious so I google it and I was shocked of what I've seen. I will not give you the detail because it is really not good to share. I will just keep it to myself and some of my friends who've seen it. Because of what I've seen, I don't have breakfast and lunch, I lost my appetite completely. So this afternoon I was planning to have rice and eggplant for dinner. I cooked the eggplant with egg on it "Tortang talong". I was so hungry so I just concentrate on the food in front of me without meat at all just for tonight.

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