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Monday, August 18, 2008

Quick Nap

I was trying to hopped this afternoon then I fell asleep in front of my computer desk. Maybe 5 minutes then I was in the middle of my weird dream when I heard the telephone ring. I hurriedly got up and look for my telephone, lol! I thought there is an emergency. When I answered the telephone I heard my husband on the other line telling me that he is on the way home from work. ahhh.. I told him, I fall asleep when you called. So no choice at all, he is on the way so I went to the kitchen and think of what to prepare for dinner. I was thinking that they like port. So I decide to cook and Filipino dish called "Sinigang Pork." Good timing when my husband arrived dinner is almost ready. I am happy that they like my dish that I prepared for them.

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