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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Play Order Up

I love cooking. And one of my frustrations is to become a future chef in one of the big restaurants someday. But still I try to explore in cooking something new. What about you, do you like to cook? I would encourage you to watch this Order Up! Trailer video for you to have an idea how to be a good chef. You can also play through your Nintendo. You will learn to cook at the same time you will have fun playing this new game. So if you want to become a future chef, why not try to buy this new game that you would enjoy while learning also how to cook. Players must craft dishes in a hectic restaurant kitchen, managing their cooktop stations (grill/griddle, range, cutting board and the pass) while also managing assistant chefs in the kitchen and their tasks. Fast, intuitive and highly addictive, the gameplay in Order Up! is fresh, creative and wholly original. Visit their website for more details and information. I'm sure you will love this new game, good ideal for a whole family.

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