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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Parental Guidance!

I got up today morning and smell the fresh coffee in my kitchen.. hmm.. I love coffee. So I make my coffee while sitting in front of my computer. I was chatting with my online friends as usual. I love talking to them, they are very nice people to talk with. Hopefully one of these days I will meet them in person.

On other hand, while I was so busy talking to them, I forgot my two kids, huh! I just heard them playing, I went where they at... guess where? In the bathroom playing with the hand soap. When I caught them, they run right away going to their room, they maybe thought that they will get spanking but of course.. I didn't spank them, I just wash their hands and talk to them in a nice way. They are both smart kids so I just talk to them without spanking. Actually it was my fault... my attention was not on them. So when they have a chance to go to the bathroom by themselves they did what they want to do.. Very curious, at their very young age, you have to explain everything to them especially my eldest son, he is almost 3 years old and he knows how to raise a question. If he is not satisfied with your answer he will not stop asking. Sometime he surprise me of things that I think at his age it shouldn't be asked.

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